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POR Poor Ovarian Reserve

Fertility Specialist Dr. Alison Hunter


Women with POR or poor ovarian reserve often face fertility issues. POR essentially means the ovaries reproductive potential is reduced due to the low quantity or quality of eggs, and is typically associated with aging or menopause. Dr. Alison Hunter is a holistic fertility specialist who uses research based therapies including acupuncture, functional medicine and nutrition to address women’s health issues that impact fertility. Natural fertility specialists focus on services that promote overall health and well-being, enhancing fertility when used on their own for natural conception or combined western medical treatments such as IVF.

Poor ovarian reserve is one of the many reasons couples choose to undergo IVF or IUI treatments when it seems the odds of conceiving naturally are low or non-existent. IVF acupuncture is used quite successfully to support and enhance in-vitro fertilization, a process that unfortunately results in disappointment for so many when used on its own. IUI acupuncture works in the same way, increasing the odds of conception when used during an IUI cycle.

Holistic Solutions

Women of all ages may face this condition, however it is more common in those age 40 or over. Female babies are born with all the eggs they will have during their lifetime. As we age, the number and quality of these eggs decreases. This does not mean that women who have poor ovarian reserve or are over 35 or 40 cannot realize the dream of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby! Natural fertility doctors know that in many cases, infertility is not an irreversible condition. If you suffer from poor ovarian reserve and are in San Jose, or Santa Cruz trust Dr Alison Hunter for a customized treatment plan. Phone and online consultations for functional medicine and nutrition are also available for patients living outside the area.