Guide to Eating for Optimal Fertility and Hormonal Balance

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Dr. Alison Hunter, LAc, OMD, FABORM Natural Infertility Solutions

Dr. Alison Hunter is a specialist in male and female fertility enhancement, health and wellness during pregnancy and postpartum, and the treatment of endocrine and autoimmune disorders.

Dr. Hunter has helped hundreds of patients become parents and regain optimal health by providing gentle and effective natural treatments in a safe and compassionate environment. She is a Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc), a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (OMD), and a certified Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM).

Some of the major benefits of treatment include:

  • Increased chance of natural conception
  • Higher success rate when used with assisted reproduction
  • Reduced length of time to conceive
  • leaf
    Reduced stress
  • leaf
    Improved hormonal balance
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    Better management of autoimmune disorders
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    Healthier pregnancy and reduced need for medical intervention during birth

Appointments are available in our Los Gatos office, or via Telemedicine throughout the US.


Functional Medicine

Herbal medicine

organ massage

Nutritional supplements

Dietary therapy


Yoga and meditation

Diagnostic testing


Referral for
Western treatment

“I just turned 40 in October, and I am the very blessed mother of a beautiful boy, who just turned 7 months old. My infertility journey began at the age of 37, when much to my surprise, I was hit with the dreaded high FSH diagnosis, and given little hope of ever conceiving with my own eggs or carrying to term...” Stacy, San Jose